If Messi goes, what will happen to Barca? Says Pep Guardiola


Pep Guardiola grew up playing for the Barcelona youth team, playing 263 games for Barcelona and then coaching the Barcelona B team and senior team. Pep, who knows Barcelona, ​​has been open about what will happen if Messi leaves the club.

From 2008 to 2012, Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola warned that Barcelona would collapse if Messi left. He said this would be the equivalent of Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Real Madrid in 2018.

‘These players are very important to their respective clubs. If Messi leaves Barcelona, ​​it will take time for them to adapt to the situation. It is unavoidable. “They’re 40-50 goals for the club every season,” Pep Guardiola recalls. Cristiano Ronaldo, who played for Real Madrid in nine seasons, has scored 450 goals. Fifty goals per season looking at the average. 131 Asst.

Real Madrid finished in La Liga for the third time last season. He scored a total of 63 goals. Last season Cristiano had 94 goals. They lost to Ajax in the Champions League pre-quarterfinals. Real Madrid have already won four of the five Champions League titles.

The relationship between Messi and Barcelona is as high or as high. In 711 appearances for Messi, Messi scored 622 goals for Barcelona. Asst., 256. From the 2009-10 season onwards, Messi is averaging 41 to 73 goals for Barcelona. Messi has not played in five games this season. However, Messi is the top scorer (14 goals). And most assists (8) are in the name of Messi.


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