I saw a wreck that he drank to death


Just a day ago, Tyson Fury defeated Diontey Wilder and won the WBC World Title, but while enjoying his success, he received a plea from his father, John. And she is to retire from boxing and give herself to her family.

“I want my son to retire now. He did enough. It was a difficult battle for him, but he succeeded. But I don’t think I can do it anymore. He has won every professional title in his career. Now is the time for life. He did his best for boxing and there was nothing more to prove. 13 years among professionals, world titles …

Tyson is 32 years old and has a young family of five. They deserve their father, “began John Fury.

He went back to his son’s depression. Two years ago, the current champion had indulged in drugs and alcohol, which he had filled dramatically.

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“Two years ago there was no hope in it. I remember every day. It was so low below, it was so depressed, destroyed. I didn’t think it would ever come back to life. And here it is today!

“It was very difficult – I saw a man who drank to death, escaped reality. He ate buckets of junk food in front of his whole family. It was a wreck. When your son reaches that point, you, as a parent, begin to think and worry.

Now I see the joy in his face, now his life is full. And now it’s time to give yourself to your family. When he beat Vladimir Klitschko for the first time, his body language was not so good. But now he is at the top of the world – exactly where he should be, “added the Gypsy King’s father.

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