“I sang two words, including the n word”


The 61-year-old trainer is shocked. “Really, I was shocked,” says Jans to De Telegraaf. “On Wednesday we played the best game I have seen of us so far at Cincinnati. The following Thursday we had a relaxing day. ”

Jans definitely did not see the charge coming. “The atmosphere was great. In the evening I was called in. A complaint was made against you by the players’ union. When I heard why, I was shocked. I took a day to process it.”

Rap music

Where does the charge come from? “It was about two weeks earlier. I always walk into the dressing room, have some conversations with players and then there is always music. There was rap music on it and because I want to show that I am also interested in it, I sing two words (including the word nigger, ed.). That was very awkward, perhaps naive, but I also know who I am and what I stand for as a person. ”

The former coach of FC Groningen and others immediately knew that he was wrong. “The second captain came to me: coach, that is not handy, that is not possible here. So I went straight to the player who was standing next to me and said sorry if I might have offended you with that. He said: fine, I realized for a long time that something like that was not the intention. ”


Jans does not fear for his job, but hopes that the situation will soon be clear. “I should have realized that something like this is sensitive here, but I haven’t addressed anyone personally. I don’t think myself guilty of racism at all. I hope people see that this is a huge misunderstanding. You want your name to be cleared and back be where you need to be in the field. ”

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