“I look at it with a little jealousy”


Tuesday, February 4, 2020 at

Kenneth Perez is quite surprised by some winter transfers that have recently taken place. The Danish analyst adjusts FOX Sports that the market for football players has become enormously ‘broad’ nowadays, so that relatively mediocre players can make very attractive transfers financially.

Among other things, Perez points to the transfer of Navarone Foor: the midfielder, who is celebrating his 28th birthday today, completed his transition from Vitesse to Al-Ittihad Kalba from the United Arab Emirates on Monday. “It’s great to be a footballer now. I look at it with a little bit of jealousy,” says the former midfielder from AZ and Ajax, among others. “The market has become so big: you can go to Russia, you can go to Saudi Arabia, you can go to America. You can go anywhere.”

“Foor is in the prime of his life. It would not have been much more to him than Vitesse, but then he would still choose to go to the United Arab Emirates. In the past, as a world star, you could already have the millions there pick it up, now you can do it when you are 25 or 26, “the analyst notes. Perez also points to the transfers from Kaj Sierhuis (for allegedly around four million euros from Ajax to Stade Reims) and Sofyan Amrabat (next summer for around twenty million euros from Hellas Verona to Fiorentina).

“I found Kaj Sierhuis’s transfer for four million euros very striking. So there is a club that wants to pay four million euros for Kaj Sierhuis,” says Perez visibly surprised. “I think the transfer from Sofyan Amrabat of twenty minutes to Fiorentina is also striking. He did well at FC Utrecht. At Feyenoord it was unclear where he had to play and whether he was good enough. Now he is leading via Hellas Verona twenty (!) million to Fiorentina. “

Finally, Perez calls the transfer that J├╝rgen Locadia made on Tuesday “very striking”: the Dutch striker is going to work on a rental basis at Cincinnati FC, which rents the former PSV player from Brighton & Hove Albion. Perez has been informed that Cincinnati Locadia will pay ‘between four and five million euros’ on an annual basis. “So you don’t find that striking?”, The analyst asks his table mates laughing. “So that club said: That Locadia did not live up to Brighton and Hoffenheim, but we will pay just four million euros there. We think that is a good idea. It is wonderful for football players that the market has become so wide. ”



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