‘I became a black model at 45 years old’ Cook says | Kukku Devaki | Malayala Manorama


Kukku Devaki, a lawyer in Thrissur, tells the story of a 40-year-old model. Kuku comes to the forefront of the modeling concept we are familiar with. Cook reminds us that no one should be left in the name of black.

The Facebook profile picture of Kuku has many people posting in opposition to the society’s attitude towards black. “When I first came to college, I thought there was something romantic …

But love has sunk in the mockery of the black woman, ”Cook said in an earlier Facebook post.

Modeling or advertising has not received much attention from black people. The only thing you have heard and noticed is that when you apply this cream, you get white and you get a pretty shiny skin. Some people will ask if there are any such replacements in the name of color. Kuku says it is only understandable to those who did not know it. After the modeling, there is an opportunity. But what makes it even more fun is when many people call and say they feel great.

Friend Revathi Rupesh first asks if he has any interest in modeling. At first I thought it was a question of confidence. That’s how Prashant Balachandran comes to the photographer. Suma Joshi was a makeup artist. Unnikrishnan and her husband stood by her.

Not everyone will stand by me.

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