Hristo Yanev: Bodurov will miss CSKA, has good leadership skills


The last coach to bring a CSKA trophy – Hristo Yanev was a guest at Derby Studio. He commented on the upcoming clash of the Reds with Levski.

“CSKA has a lot of character players. Christian Malinov, Petr Zanev, Nikolay Bodurov will miss the team very much. The boys from the school Bozhidar Chorbadzhiyski and Valio Antov – for them, this is a match that is more special than everyone else. have grown up in school, are fed up with the idea of ​​CSKA and know exactly what CSKA means and can pass it on to their peers. language to make the match special.

I am very sorry that there is no Bodurov, who for me has definitely very good leadership qualities. He was a competitor in the youth national team with me, but there is someone to replace him. Zanev has the qualities to be a leader.

Levski and CSKA need to be permanent in order to have a chance of a championship. Plan to act – short and long term. Both teams need to replace Ludogortz, who has been a hegemon in recent years. At this stage Levski shows more perseverance, so they are second. In order to change the ranking, they have to do something fundamentally different from what they have done so far.

Knowing Hubchev’s work – he is a very ambitious person and for him this match is of great importance. Whether changes should be made after the derby depends only on the management plan. How much it wants to put pressure on the coaches, “Yanev said.

Alexander Stankov: Before the Levski derby - CSKA was different

Alexander Stankov: Before the Levski derby – CSKA was different

“Things have changed”

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