How Brigitte Bardot “influences” Kazakhstan’s legislation


The President of Kazakhstan took the time to respond to an open letter from the Brigitte Bardot Foundation on the treatment of stray animals. A bill is under discussion in Parliament.

President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev discussed the plight of stray animals in his country after the reading an open letter addressed by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation. In front of an audience of volunteers, the President said he was touched by this call and said he wanted to act in favor of the animal condition, as reported by the Kazakh media Tengrinews.

“Recently, I received a letter from famous movie actress Brigitte Bardot asking me to help with the work of protecting dogs and other animals. I think this is a good intervention, we have to pay attention to it. We must show ourselves as a caring nation and pay attention not only to the protection of our children, but also to the protection of animals, ”he said.

Against acts of cruelty

In its open letter, the Foundation denounces the methods of certain animal control agencies to rid the streets of stray cats and dogs.

“It seems that cruelty knows no bounds and that in some cities like Atyrau and Uralsk, certain products causing paralysis are used before burning live animals!”

The association also points to the lack of clear legalization regarding acts of cruelty to animals.

“How can we imagine such tortures in the 21st century? People committing such acts in France or in most of the world would be perceived as psychopaths and interned or would suffer long prison terms ”

To underline his remarks, the Foundation accompanies his letter with a shock photo showing the corpses of dogs piled up in the snow.

A bill and an official trip

An intervention that could give new impetus to the fight for animal welfare in the country.

A bill is indeed under discussion in the Majlis, lower house of Parliament, as explained by the Embassy of Kazakhstan in France on Facebook. This project attempts to regulate activities relating to the treatment of neglected and stray animals.
A trip to the Foundation is also planned for May to meet the government and representatives of associations. In addition, the Foundation has announced that it will set up veterinary training and a sterilization campaign for more than 300 dogs.

Uzbekistan also listens

The speech by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation seems to cross borders since neighboring Uzbekistan would also like to take action. According to Uzbek media, the government is planning a bill for the fall of 2020 also aimed at criminalizing cruelty to animals.


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