Hospitals filled with patients, doctors and nurses without equipment


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 Most of the health workers infected with the virus in China are hospital workers in Wuhan. Zheng Yishin, a senior official at the National Health Commission, said 1102 health workers in the city were infected with the virus. Others are from various places in the province of Hubei.

Authorities are unable to provide adequate safeguards for patients in hospitals. Doctors, like the once-used mask, have to be used repeatedly. At least 16 people, including himself, have been diagnosed with the virus, according to AFP, a doctor at Wuhan Health Center. He told the news agency. Ning Shu Wu, another nurse at another hospital in Wuhan, said about 150 of the 500 employees at the hospital where he works were infected. Due to a shortage of personnel in hospitals in Wuhan and Hubei provinces, more than 2,000 personnel from the army’s medical staff were recruited last week.

There are 398 hospitals in Wuhan. There are tens of thousands of community health clinics. Only about a third of hospitals admit people with coronavirus.

An Indians aboard the ship were infected with the virus

Meanwhile, an Indian in the British luxury cruise ship Diamond Princess, captured by the Japanese, has been confirmed with the virus. Two people have already been infected with the virus. “The condition of all three patients is improving,” the embassy said.

Of the 3711 vessels seized off the Yokohama coast, 220 have been diagnosed with the disease. The entire test has not been successful. There are 138 Indians on board. Elderly passengers who were not infected with the virus were allowed to be released the previous day. There are no Indians in this category. Embassy officials contact Indians via telephone and e-mail. The ship is in constant communication with the authorities.

505 people infected with the virus outside China

As of Friday morning, 505 people outside China had confirmed the virus. China claims 121 deaths In Hubei province alone, 116 people died. 4823 new cases confirmed

China says it does not hide information

Meanwhile, the US has accused China of not releasing the full details of the virus. China wants to work with the virus. But that doesn’t stand a chance. China has no transparency in disclosing virus-related information President Donald Trump’s Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow is accused. China, however, denied the allegations. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zheng Zhang said China is taking a responsible approach and sharing all the details. The World Health Organization is currently headed by a 15-member expert team in China.

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