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History of the Chief Minister CSI protests against schools' statement of hiring

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan

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    February 10, 2020, 1:22 PM IST
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Kozhikode: The CSI council today opposed the Chief Minister’s statement that if aided schools are difficult to run, the government can hire them. Father James, CSI Corporate Manager, said the Chief Minister’s remarks were a ‘forgetting of history’.The CSI Church has served for centuries in the field of education. There was no mention of hiring schools in those days. The chief minister’s statement is a forgetting of history. It cannot be accepted that the appointment of aided management is the reason for the current financial crisis of the government. All appointments were made by the aided school management in accordance with KER. No appointment can be made without the knowledge of the government. The government says it has hired 10,000 people illegally. This figure does not appear to be correct. “It is up to the government to explain this figure,” Father James said.

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If there is a violation management, the government can take action under the existing law. The current method is 1: 1 under the KER Amendment. The management has approached the Supreme Court. The government is trying to pressure the management to show this. Father James said the management association would meet and discuss the measures.

There are about 48 schools run by the CSI. Father James said the government was being unfair to corporate management.

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First published: February 10, 2020


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