Historical seizure of 347 kilos of cocaine base paste in Uruguay


MONTEVIDEO (Sputnik) – The Directorate General for Repression of Illicit Drug Trafficking (DGRTID) in Uruguay seized 347 kilos of cocaine base paste, a record figure for this country, and 206 kilos of cocaine, the Interior Ministry said in a statement .

“A historical seizure of base paste was achieved, in the case of 347 kilos, and 206 kilos of cocaine that were subsequently seized,” said the ministry, on which the DGRTID depends.

A multi-month investigation allowed the authorities to detect that the drug entered the country through small planes and was then thrown into a rural establishment near the town of Bella UniĆ³n, in the north of the country.

In addition, several firearms were seized, including assault rifles, radio devices, and $ 49,000.

Based on this finding, the authorities investigate the hypothesis that in Uruguay, base paste, a byproduct of cocaine that is sold at a very low price, is being prepared.

“Although in Uruguay there is a situation of consumption of base paste, the amount found is quite important; that triggers other lines of investigation before the possibility that there is a processing laboratory of enough base in Uruguay,” one of the Telemundo news told the heads of the DGRTID, Carlos Noria.

The police chief said that cocaine would go almost to Europe, while the base paste would be partially distributed in the local market “and we are analyzing the hypothesis that it would be distributed to Argentina and Brazil.”

The justice ordered preventive detention for 120 days for seven people, all “under the imputation of a crime of assistance to the transport of narcotic substances”, while five other men and a woman were testifying before the courts.

In addition, there are two other people required, according to the Ministry of Interior.

Until August 2019, 22 kilos of cocaine base paste had been seized, according to the latest data available from the Ministry of Interior.


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