Hertha footballer Torunarigha is appalled by racism: “I don’t understand those idiots” | Football


The Berlin football club has confirmed this. “With our support, he made a statement against strangers,” said Hertha. Torunarigha was so upset by the insults in the game from the eighth finals of the battle for the DFB Pokal, according to his trainer Jürgen Klinsmann, that he was yellowed for the second time in the extension.

The case received much attention in Germany. Colleagues expressed their support for Torunarigha. “He had been reared, the referee should have understood that,” Klinsmann said after the duel about, in his opinion, sending his defender away unjustly. Hertha lost 3-2. The German Football Association, Schalke and the police in Gelsenkirchen announced investigations.

Torunarigha has already registered via Instagram. “I was born in Germany, I grew up here, went to school and speak the language like everyone else. That’s why I don’t understand these expressions made by some idiots during the game, ”wrote the 22-year-old former youth international.


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