Henk Houwaert hopes that Philippe Clement will remain himself – Football news


Henk Houwaert has been a player at Club Brugge for six years and has also been the head coach for five years. He still doesn’t miss a single home match. He is impressed by the work of Philippe Clement.

Clement is a much warmer person than Ivan Leko, he says in GvA. “He is a personality. And a nice guy. When he sees you, he is always very friendly.” Day long, “I say. That was a bit different with Leko. If Club had won and I went to congratulate him, he got “I gave a weak hand, he said” huh “and turned around as quickly as possible. Thank you, isn’t that difficult? That he didn’t know me? Come on, everyone in Bruges knows Henk Houwaart?”

He does have a warning for Clement. “Clement should not be dancing too much on that sidelines. Don’t shout and thrive on that referee. He shouldn’t be like Preud’homme or Vanhaezebrouck. I sometimes got shot out of my shoe, but when the ref gave a comment, sat “I quickly get back in my room. The referee decides. Now those trainers sometimes stand nose to nose with the referee. Come on. In the beginning Clement did not. Now he does. He must remain himself. But he is a very good trainer, hear.”


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