Heerenveen about ‘provocative’ Feyenoord fans: ‘Unfortunately not appropriate and respectful’


SC Heerenveen has made a statement on Friday afternoon following the cup match against Feyenoord on Thursday evening. There was a large number of supporters during the quarter-finals against the players of Rotterdam, which took place in the courses with Heerenveen fans.

According to the Frisians, this left and right led to ‘provocative’ behavior. “The large presence of (provocative) Feyenoord supporters in the home squares and stadium spaces on Thursday evening was undesirable and is unacceptable for the future,” they say. “The club regrets that some of our supporters did not feel at home at the Abe Lenstra stadium as a result.”
The club was aware of the presence of the Feyenoord fans, who were asked ‘to behave respectfully and appropriately’, Heerenveen continues. ‘Unfortunately this has not happened everywhere, so stewards and police officers had to intervene and prevent worse. The action of our own stewards, which is necessary in the first instance, deserves a big compliment. ”
Heerenveen speaks of a ‘recurring problem’ and did his utmost to prevent such situations. For example, only club card holders could purchase a ticket for the cup duel and applications from outside Friesland were refused. “Despite all these measures, a large number of Feyenoord supporters have managed to get tickets for the home squares,” says the current number 10 of the Eredivisie, which from now on only wants to allow Heerenveen season ticket holders in the home squares when Feyenoord comes to visit. “SC Heerenveen attaches more importance to safety and atmosphere than the financial interest.”

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