Head of Lombardy Region in Italy put himself in coronavirus quarantine


Attilio Fontana, the regional head of management in the Lombardy Region of Italy, announced that he was quarantining himself because a new type of coronavirus was detected in his close colleague.

New type in Europe coronaviruses (Kovid-19) head of regional government in the Lombardy Region of Italy, where the most casualties are due to Attilio Fontanaannounced that she was quarantined for two weeks, as her co-worker was detected coronavirus.

In an image he shared from his Facebook account, Fontana stated that his close colleague Kovid-19 analysis was positive, so they had to cancel the press conference they had to hold.
Communicating with his close co-worker, the team and he passed the tests, Fontana stated that although these tests were negative, he also quarantined himself.

Attilio Fontana explained the reason for the quarantine decision, “Something will change from today. I will follow the instructions of the senior health institute, so I will try to live in isolation on my own for two weeks. I do this specifically to protect employees with me.”

12 people have died in Kovid-19 since Friday, and the number of people infected with the virus has reached 400. Among the regions where the epidemic is observed, Italy is the leader in Lombardy.

With these statistics, Italy is in the top 5 in the list of countries where the coronavirus spreads the fastest and most deaths, while it is in the first place in Europe.


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