He refused to be ‘Kuma’, knocked the woman off the cliff and crushed her head with a stone.


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A married person in Adana’s Pozantı district threw the woman who did not accept the sand, first off the cliff and then crushed her head with a stone. The murder suspect was caught trying to flee to Syria.

According to the information obtained, O.Ç., who lives and lives in Şanlıurfa, wanted to marry Zeliha Armağan (23). Allegedly, ‘sand ‘ Zeliha Armağan, who did not agree to go, fled to Izmir with her relatives. Having learned this situation, O.Ç. and her father-in-law H.Ç. went to Izmir and tried to persuade the young woman to marry. H.Ç. and O.Ç. he took the young woman and set out to go to Şanlıurfa by car. REVENGE. He tried to persuade Armağan along the way, but when he was not convinced, O.Ç. Adana Pozantı He stopped the car at the Governor’s Fountain in his district and threw the young woman down the cliff here. REVENGE. Then he went to Armağan and checked if he died. Realizing that the young woman was not dead, O.Ç. crushed Armağan’s head with a stone. Later, the suspects left the scene.

After a while, M.Ç. A person named Şanlıurfa went to the police station and claimed that his relative O.Ç. killed Zeliha Armağan. The police contacted the Adana police. The body of Armağan was found in the address given by M.Ç. and in the searches made by the license plate recognition system of O.Ç. The police started an investigation to find the suspects. The corpse of the woman was removed from the forensic medicine morgue for the autopsy. Adana police soon found that the suspects were in Şanlıurfa and were planning to flee to Syria. Police later caught two suspects. The suspects will be brought to Adana and questioned.


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