Happy Valentine’s Day with Sanju on Valentine’s Day



ComMalayalee fans have always wanted to watch classic shots of Niju. Sanju joins fans today saying that it must be like that every day. Not just about the classic shots of the crease …

“Every day should be like Valentine’s Day,” the Indian cricketer wrote on Twitter. Sanju says that he is making love every day by sharing a picture of romance with his beloved.

In 2019, Sanju became the life-long friend of Charulata. Sanju fans are captivated by sharing a romantic moment on Valentine’s Day. When it comes to the field, the IPL is ahead of Sanju.

Sanju, however, could not make a comeback despite India’s opening T20I opener against New Zealand. Sanju was dismissed for lack of both. Sanju’s way of playing in the Twenty20 World Cup is to play in the IPL.

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