Hamilton very pleased with the reliability of the car


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photo: Michael Potts

Lewis Hamilton was very pleased with the reliability of the new Mercedes W11 car. The Briton had the best time in the first day of the tests, and for all days had a 2nd result after teammate Valteri Botas. Overall, the team had only one electrical problem the other day with Botas’ car.

“It’s great to see that our reliability is so good,” Hamilton said. The car felt very good on the track. It was a solid first week for us, walking a lot of miles. We need to continue to work hard, analyze all the data and see how we can move forward and build. ”

Botas said he had fun the last day, having the opportunity to drive the car near the limit in a short series of laps. According to him, on the last day of the first trials on Friday, the team took a step forward in terms of vehicle settings.

“The car is easy to drive and I am sure that with more healthy work next week, we can make it better,” the Finnish explained. – That will be our goal. Overall it was a really good first test. We made improvements to the car every day. One big lock on each member of the team for the car and engine provided. ”

Mercedes technical director James Alison added: “We used a little bit softer tires on the last day. This was preparation for the second week of testing, where we would use more such tires. It was a good first week of tests. Overall, the car was reliable. Her speed was also relatively good. So I can say we have a good base. “

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