Hamilton expects a real battle with Red Bull in 2020


Will there be a real title fight in Formula 1 again this year? That question arises on the eve of the new season. After the first test week, a cautious conclusion can be drawn in terms of reliability.

Mercedes did most laps, followed by Red Bull. The two teams appear to be the top favorite in 2020 and Lewis Hamilton agrees. ‘HeyThe gap narrowed last year. I assume we have a real battle this year, “the six-time world champion is quoted by The Telegraph.

‘Such a real fight is what everyone wants to see. If you come out as the winner, it feels like a bigger reward. I race because I like to fight with others and not just drive around. So I hope that in the last year of this era, the gap has been closed. ”

The state of affairs in Formula 1 cannot, of course, be said on the basis of the winter tests. The season starts on Sunday, March 15 with the Grand Prix of Australia, at Albert Park in Melbourne. (Photo: Mercedes AMG F1)

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