Hamilton about Verstappen and Leclerc: “Sign of weakness that they are talking about me”


Lewis Hamilton expects that he will be opposed in 2020 by the same group of drivers as in 2019. He therefore sees Red Bull Racing and Ferrari again as the most important challengers.

Last season, Hamilton became world champion in Formula 1 for the sixth time in his career. During the season, he won by far the most wins with eleven, while the remaining victories were shared by Ferrari drivers, Max Verstappen and teammate Valtteri Bottas. According to Hamilton, this year is no different. “I expect the opposition this year to come from the same group as last year.”

In recent weeks, young talents such as Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc have stated that they want to compete with Hamilton in 2020, with the world title as the goal. Hamilton himself focuses on his actions on the job. “I think it is strange that they are talking about that. I know no better than to let my actions on the circuit speak and I often see these kinds of things as a sign of weakness.”

Hamilton now fits in a chair

On Instagram, Hamilton already hinted that he will start the new season fitter than in 2019. As a result, the reigning world champion, in contrast to last year, now fits in his seat. “The winter was fantastic. I feel that I am ready. I fit in my seat, so that is already a start. Last year I did not fit, so we had to make a number of adjustments.”

Although he and Mercedes will be the title defenders in 2020, Hamilton does not feel pressure at the moment. Instead, the Brit is very proud that he can enter the W11, which the team has been working on for months. “That’s unbelievable. It took months to build the car that is in the garage today and to make sure it runs smoothly. And Valtteri and I get the chance to put it to the test.”

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