Hamdi not an ‘errand boy’ at ADO: ‘But in the end United Vansen is the boss’


ADO director Mo Hamdi doesn’t care about the criticism at his address. Hamdi is said to be a ‘bellboy of United Vansen’, the Chinese shareholder of ADO.

“I let such criticism slide over me like water on the back of a duck. I also don’t understand why they think that,” Hamdi begins in an extensive interview with Soccer International. The director indicates that he listens to everyone within the club. “From the major shareholder to the stakeholders, the commissioners, etc. But listening is something other than just doing everything blindly. You come to a joint conclusion. For good governance, management is ultimately responsible, with the supervisory board as the controlling body above it. That’s how I stand in it. ”
“But in the end they, United Vansen, are in charge. These people have owned the club for five and a half years now, regardless of the time they were somewhere else. But they never felt they could think along, let alone to help determine the policy at ADO The Hague, “Hamdi defends himself.
“I could just as well have asked if they just wanted to make up the deficits at the moment, but that is not the way to help the club move forward. I would rather connect than be annoyed.”


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