Half century old Ulus bankruptcy: 240 of 300 workplaces closed


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Shopkeepers in Ulus, the most important economic region of Ankara, have been having a hard time lately. A large part of the tradesmen in the historical Ulus Business Inn opened in 1964 lowered their shutters. 240 of approximately 300 shops in the inn are closed.

According to the news of Muhammed Kurtar from the National Newspaper, An artisan in the historical Ulus Business Inn in the heart of Ankara leaves a inn. Difficult days are experienced in the historical building, which was one of the busiest inns of the region and was one of the most important places of the city economy.

Recent economic contraction and the problems regarding the legal status of the inn have deeply affected the shopkeepers in the inn. 240 of nearly 300 shops in the inn are now closed.

He has been a jeweler for 17 years in the business inn where the emptied shops are not rented again. Tolga Soyalp, He also said that the problems related to the legal status of his wife were effective in this.

‘Abandoned shops are not rented again’

Soyalp, “15 years ago, the business house was connected to the Pension Fund. From the Pension Fund to the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. The shops that were unable to work and were abandoned are not rented again. During the reign of ex-mayor Melih Gökçek, the decision to demolish twice for the business house and the court We expect steps from the new Mayor Mansur Yavas to improve our situation ” said.

The inn has 47 years of artisans experience and has been working at the tea house for the last 8 years. Mehmet Yakut He said that almost all tradesmen have been unable to pay their rents for 4-5 months.

‘Notifications are coming back to back’

“Every day the notifications are coming one after the other, no one is interested in us” Yakut continued his words as follows:

“There are 300 shops in this office. 240 of these 300 shops are closed. Our artisan friends have either left their profession or had to move from here.”

‘Shopping center culture is twisted to our waist’

Tea quarry operator from 30 years of shopkeepers Şevki Aslan, evaluated the shop closure of the shopkeepers in the following words:

“I am a 30-year-old shopkeeper, I have been operating a tea house for the past 8 years, the situation of all my tradesmen is getting worse every day. Every year, the previous year is looking for the previous year, the shopping center culture, which is a part of the popular culture of the last period, has bent our waist.”


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