‘Guard salary’ statement from the Ministry of Interior


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The Ministry of the Interior made a statement regarding the salaries of the watchdogs that have been discussed in the public recently.

In the communewardens salary from teachers ” while the discussion continues, Deputy Minister of Interior and Ministry Spokesman Ismail the Çataklar The issue was brought up at the press conference.

After the statement of the General Directorate of Security yesterday, Çataklı is also concerned, “The number of single bachelors who started to work is 4 thousand 527 high school graduates and 4 thousand 534 pounds for undergraduate graduates” said.

Other sections that draw attention from Çataklı’s explanations are as follows:

– 88 terrorists were neutralized in a total of 7,998 operations carried out in January within the framework of internal security operations carried out under the coordination of the Ministry of Interior. In addition, 2,632 suspects, who were assisted / abetted and linked to terrorist organizations, were detained and 411 people were arrested.

– In the operations, 99 shelters / shelters / caves have been rendered unusable. 54 weapons, 15 mines / IEDs, 40 grenades, 889 kg explosives, 7 thousand 940 miscellaneous ammunition were seized.

– Within the scope of autumn / winter operations, 457 terrorists were neutralized in 3 thousand 14 operations.

– 935 thousand 399 people were controlled in 4 trust applications. 4 thousand 587 people wanted were captured.

– 20 thousand 403 people were detained in 14 thousand 759 operations aimed at combating drugs, 2 thousand 9 people were arrested. 7 tons of cannabis were seized.


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