Groomer driver takes the place of the goalkeeper and leads his hockey team to victory – video


An extraordinary event occurred during an NHL championship game. After the two goalkeepers on a team were injured, a resurfacer driver took their place and then offered the victory to his team.

Resurfacer driver called on to defend team goals during National Hockey League (NHL) regular season game on February 23 in Toronto, NHL official website reports .

He was invited to this meeting as a substitute goalkeeper for the match in case the other two suffered injuries forcing them to leave. And that’s exactly what happened during this game in Toronto.

“I was sitting in a meeting room when I received text messages asking me to prepare. When I saw the images on television, I understood that it was going to be my turn, “he confessed. Thus, in the second period, the amateur goalkeeper appeared on the ice.

“These guys were perfect. I calmed down when a guy told me to have fun and that even if I took ten goals it wouldn’t matter, “said the amateur goalkeeper.

Match star

The match ended with his team’s victory 6-3, and the interim goalkeeper was recognized as the first star of the match. In the second period, he gave in on two of three shots while in the third period, he blocked all seven shots. For him, this match was the very first in the National Hockey League.


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