Greenland arctic air brings snow and strong winds Tuesday


Today and tomorrow the weather will remain too warm for February, with temperatures above 15-18 degrees Celsius. However, a major change is ahead of Wednesday: colds of more than 15 degrees, rain and snow and snow cover, though only in some parts of the country.

Clouds will be high during the night. In eastern Bulgaria and the Danube plain, moderate winds will occur from west to northwest. Temperatures will be quite high for February – from 4 to 9 degrees.

During the day, cloud cover will be fairly significant, but still mostly medium and high. The wind will be a light breeze from the southwest.

After noon in the west, clouds will thicken and in the evening over the northwest areas rain will begin. With strong northwest winds, cold Arctic air of ocean origin will form in the waters off Greenland and near the North Pole.

As early as midnight on Wednesday, the process will cover most of the country. It will be snow and rain. In the Danube plain, Thrace and east, where strong northwest winds will blow, there will be mostly rain. In the central western regions and in southwestern Bulgaria above Kresna, the rain will quickly turn into snow. Snow will be raining in Sofia and a few inches of snow will form.

Temperatures will be wide: from about zero degrees in the high fields to the west, 5-7 degrees in the Danube Plain and western Thrace, to 10-12 in the extreme southeastern regions.

Due to the continued strong onset of cold air, temperatures will be lower than Wednesday night’s lows – from minus 2 to 6-7 degrees during the day on Wednesday.

The weather forecast will be very complicated. It will be cloudy, windy, with heavy snow. In the lower parts of the Danube Plain, as well as along the coast, the precipitation will be of wet snow and rain. Snow cover of different thickness will form in Sofia, the other western fields, the Pre-Balkans, the interior of northeastern Bulgaria, as well as in the mountains.

Dangerous Travel Time: If you plan one for Wednesday, postpone it for the next few days.

On Thursday and Friday it will be windy and cold, with minimum temperatures of minus 9 to minus 4, in the western part of the Danube Plain and Thrace, where it will be most windy – up to about zero degrees. In places with snow cover, higher values ​​in the west are also possible.

It will be coldest on Saturday, and warming will start on Sunday and daily lows in the lowlands will again reach 10-13 degrees.


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