Gravenberch dissatisfied: “Was a little nervous”


Ryan Gravenberch is not entirely satisfied with his performance during Ajax – PSV. Together with Carel Eiting, he was the controlling block in the midfield of the team from Amsterdam, but nerves were troubling him, so he is honest.

“I didn’t start so well,” Gravenberch says in an interview with Soccer Zone, after which he tries to explain. ‘You play your first top match against PSV. I was a little nervous. You try to repack yourself and that is difficult, but it went better later in the game. ” The midfielder explains what could be better with him. “Too much ball loss. And normally I act quickly, but that wasn’t good today. ”

Ajax remained stuck at PSV for 1-0 for a long time, but with another decision of the arbitration in the situation around SergiƱo Dest it could have been different. “I honestly think it was a penalty. But he doesn’t give him, so you just have to keep going. You have to finish your chances. We don’t do that and that’s a shame. You just have to win 2-0 or 3-0. ”

Recently only negative is written about the current situation of PSV, but Gravenberch saw the opponent not doing badly on Sunday. “I thought PSV did quite well in itself. We put pressure early, which made it difficult for them to play football. I didn’t think they played badly. ”


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