Government of Cuba adopts measures to avoid possible effects of coronavirus


HAVANA (Sputnik) – The Council of Ministers of Cuba approved a plan to minimize the risk of introduction and spread of the coronavirus on the island, which seeks to minimize the possible effects of the epidemic and its impact on the social-economic sphere, although so far no case is reported.

“Without wasting a second of time, the Council of Ministers approved a plan for the Prevention and Control of the so-called” Wuhan pneumonia “, a Chinese city from which the first patients with acute respiratory syndrome were reported, which is mainly transmitted to through the drops of saliva that the virus carrier emits when coughing or sneezing, “says the local newspaper Granma.

During the meeting of the government cabinet, the Minister of Public Health, José Ángel Portal, explained that among the main actions is to protect the country’s border, based on international health control regulations, in force at the entry points to contain the Arrival of sick travelers, through airports, ports and marinas.
Portal added that it will ensure strict compliance with surveillance and control measures on travelers and crew, coming from areas with transmission, after their arrival.

These measures, notes the newspaper Granma, “have to be implemented not only by Public Health, but also by other agencies of the Central State Administration.”
The Cuban authorities created a temporary working group for the direction of prevention and preparedness actions against the new coronavirus.
According to the last part – number 12 – issued by the World Health Organization on February 1, 11,953 cases are confirmed worldwide; 11,821 of them in China, where the virus originated.

So far 259 deaths have been reported as a result of the coronavirus, and 1,795 patients remain in serious condition.

Outside China, 132 cases (26 new ones compared to the previous part) have been reported so far, in 23 countries.


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