Gonzo: Levski will be


The sports director of Lokomotiv (Plovdiv) Georgi Ivanov gave his comment on what is happening with his beloved Levski.

“I keep track of what is happening with Levski. Of course, what is written in the media. Levski will always be. Levski’s biggest investment is the audience. Even in the worst case scenario. They have a good school, young people who can But there will always be interest in Levski from sponsors. It may not be the same budget I listen to in the media right now – 1.5 – 2 million a month. That was our budget for the year I was a director there. shocks, Levski will not follow the fate of CSKA, “Ivanov told Darik and dsport.

“With this investment, one club develops. Football is made with money. The most important thing is for the club to invest in the base. This guide invests. The club must then bring in good players and coaches to raise the level to the average European level. every time you take a player for 6,000 euros and sell him for millions. This happens 1 time – the other 10 times – no, “the former Blue striker added.

“Yes, the situation is critical. The football club, whatever it is, will have it. In whatever form, it will be against the finances and sponsors. There is no chance Levski will not finish the championship. Even if he has obligations to the NRA, there is a rescheduling. I I’ve watched this movie. If you come to an agreement with someone to pay your debts, no problem, “he added.

“There may be some turmoil in the players. The new ones may have psychological pressure. But Levski is Levski. As long as there is an audience and interest, Levski will have him. There is no chance for Levski not to finish the championship. I am convinced,” he repeated one more time.

“First, a player has to think about his own career. If a player can’t be satisfied with their financial claims, summer may be gone. But if they haven’t given up before, there won’t be anyone to offer him a new job. True, money is important, but when you have dignity, honor, it is more important than money, “he said.

“Levski is a great advertisement. There will always be people who want to give money to the club. The benefits of owning a Levski are many. Levski is the most beloved club in Bulgaria. I do not believe that you cannot find someone to help “I don’t know if it can help in such dimensions,” Ivanov said.

“There will always be a person to support the club and keep it in a normal state. It’s absurd for fans to take over the club’s maintenance. I saw this movie. It’s impossible. We made such initiatives. It’s absurd to happen.” added the legend to the blues.

“There will be turmoil in every situation. The footballers are mercenaries. They came because of the project and the salaries. And when that happens their motivation will drop. Zhivko Milanov will be important in this situation. The Bulgarians will be important in this situation,” he added. .

“Considering the qualities that Ludogorets has at the beginning of the championship it was clear that they would be champions. In one match everything can be done, but after 36 games it is difficult to be a surprise. In the match between Levski and CSKA there is no favorite. who comes in with more motivation will win. Both teams are under pressure. It will be interesting. When two equal teams meet, it is not a good match. Even at 2: 2 it was still boring, “Ivanov finished.


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