Global Village has opened its first store with Dubai Expo products


DUBAI: The country is stepping into its preparations for the Expo’s festive mood. Expo 2020 has opened Dubai’s first retail store, Global Village. Innovations and curiosities await in store where Expo Brand products are available. There will also be a variety of arts and crafts.

There are over 5,000 products, including camel milk, medicinal soaps, plastic recycled woven clothing and wristbands. There are international brands and indigenous products. International brands have also made changes to the design to suit the expo. He had obtained a special license for this. Expo brands include health and beauty products, toys, games and food.

Expo 2020 Dubai Chief Commercial Officer Sanjeev Chaos? You can buy toys with Expo stamps, Gold and Silver coins with Expo themes. He pointed out that each country has its own unique products. The Expo will run for 173 days from October 20 to April 10 next year.


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