Gigi Buffon jokes with Chinese: Coronavirus, huh? – Football World – Italy


Juventus star Gianluigi Buffon jokes with a Chinese coronavirus fan after a semifinal match with the Italian Cup in Milan. On social media, a video appeared, showing Gigi teasing a Chinese fan who asked for an autograph from the legendary Yuwe goalie.

“I’m watching you. The Crown? Shit, are you from Wuhan? ”Buffon said as the others laughed.

The veteran then revealed that he was joking after touching a blow dryer on the cheek and continuing to give autographs to fans.

However, this action has sparked debate on social networks, as many Chinese members in Italy report that the behavior was racist and did not need to be talked about coronavirus.

The Tottenham Hotspur and England Delle Ali midfielder apologized this week for posting a video on his Snapchat account, mocking an Asian man and joking about the scourge of modern day infections.

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