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How does London Eye History mark Harry Gregg? Goalkeeper who did a lot of service for the team? Or is it the brave man who saved the lives of many from the plane crash that struck the world? In either case, Harry Gregg lived a life of courage. Harry Gregg is the savior of the world, even when it comes to death. In every sense …

Harry Gregg, 87, the English goalkeeper of the English football club Manchester United, has left the canals of memory. Greg, who miraculously escaped the blaze when his plane crashed in Munich, Germany, on February 6, 1958, rescued seven people. Despite the outcry, Greg jumped on the runway to the burning plane.

Five of his teammates were among those who dragged Greg into life. And a full-fledged mother and baby. Gregg recovers from the face of death by grabbing veteran Bobby Charlton and Jackie Blanch Flower on the edge of burning pants. They were both unconscious. Charlton later became England’s greatest player of all time.

Of the 23 dead, 8 were Manchester players. Everyone was returning to the semi-finals of the Team Europe Cup. Greg later lived to witness the darkest day in Manchester United’s history.

Gregg joined Manchester United in 1957 as the most valuable goalkeeper in the world. On the thirteenth day of the plane crash, Greg went down with a severe headache to play against Sheffield Wenesdeck in the FA Cup. Despite eight goodbyes, the team made it to the 1958 FA Cup Final. The doctor was diagnosed with chronic headache, and the brain damage was revealed. Harry Gregg was named the best goalkeeper at the 1958 Sweden World Cup. Greg was a Northern Ireland player. Greg remained with the United States until 1966, playing 247 times for the team. In 1963, he won the FA Cup. The injuries kept Greg away from hunting.

Greg, who shone under the bar like a giant, was overcome with severe pain. Greg was also unable to escape the injury, which had undermined the professional footballer’s life through tough tackling. Greg retired after playing for Stoke City for two seasons. He later became active in sports management.

Greg wrote in his autobiography about the pains of having to live with tragic memories. Those words were: When that disaster hit my personality. But that notoriety cost a lot of money

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