Germany: America is no longer the global policeman and the future of the Middle East is determined in Astana or Sochi


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German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas stressed that the time when the United States was acting as a global policeman has ended, and that decision-making centers on many differences have changed, and some have turned to Russia.

Moscow – Sputnik. Mas said in a speech during the Munich Security Conference: “The time when Washington was the global policeman passed, let us take Syria and Afghanistan as an example of this, and for the future of the Middle East it is determined in Astana or Sochi, not Geneva or New York.”

It is noteworthy that the Munich Security Conference was established in 1963 as a “meeting of representatives of defense agencies” of the member states of NATO. But it is now an international discussion forum in which politicians, diplomats, military, businessmen, scientific and public figures from dozens of countries of the world participate.

The conference is traditionally held at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof, located in the historic center of the federal capital of Bavaria. The Munich conference is distinguished by the fact that no final statements or agreements are signed. Nevertheless, this conference is considered an important and relatively neutral meeting place for politicians and diplomats of international level.


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