George Clooney ‘saddened’ about child labor at Nespresso


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Actor George Clooney praises the work of journalists who found out for the Channel 4 Dispatches program that children are put to work on coffee plantations that supply Nespresso. Clooney, a human rights champion, is the figurehead in that company’s advertising campaigns. The unveiling “surprises and sadness” him. The actor himself grew up on a tobacco plantation and worked with it as a child during the holidays from the age of twelve. “I am familiar with the complex issues associated with cultivation and child labor.” He swears that action is being taken to combat abuse.

The children were found on six plantations in Guatemala where they were picking coffee and carrying bags. Nespresso is part of NestlĂ©, the Swiss multinational, and promotes its own coffee as “ethically responsible”. The company says it has suspended all purchases from the plantations in question and has carried out a “thorough investigation”.

Commissioned by Nespresso, inspections are regularly held on the plantations to find, among other things, child labor. According to the official reports, working children are rarely found, but that could be explained by the fact that the controls are always announced two days in advance.

Clooney points out in a statement that control by companies is not sufficient and society in this area is also dependent on the work of investigative journalists to check the companies’ promises. The documentary will be broadcast next week by the British public channel Channel 4.

The actor used the money he earned from advertising work for Nespresso to finance a satellite that captured the war crimes committed by dictator Al-Bashir in Sudan so that he could be brought before a tribunal.

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