Gantz comments on the visit of the Mossad chief to Qatar


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General Benny Gantz, head of the Israeli “Blue and White” party, commented on the Mossad chief’s visit to Qatar.

General Gantz held an interview with website “i24 news”, this evening, Wednesday, through which he explained that the problem is not in the visit itself, but in the reason for the visit to Qatar.

The head of the Israeli “Blue and White” party, and the traditional rival of Benjamin Netanyahu, head of the caretaker government, indicated that he is against transferring money to the Gaza Strip.

It is noteworthy that the head of the Israeli Mossad, General Yossi Cohen, and the commander of the southern region of the Israeli army, Herzy Hilevi, made a secret visit to Doha in the beginning of February, which lasted for 24 hours, and they met with Qatari figures, including Muhammad bin Ahmed Al-Misnad, the head of intelligence Qatari and adviser to the Emir of Qatar for national security.

The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation “Makan” said that the visit of the Mossad chief to Doha is the second in six months, confirming that the Israeli delegation asked Doha for monthly financial support for the Hamas movement of $ 15 million.


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