Functioning Proeve can be difficult due to lack of support – Suriname Herald


The functioning of Sigmund Proeve as a new governor of the Central Bank of Suriname (CBvS) can be difficult because it is not supported by the actors within the financial sector. This is what Federal Chairman Robby Berenstein says in conversation with Suriname Herald. He hereby responds to President Desi Bouterse’s presentation of Proeve for the position of governor.

Berenstein says the union would have no trouble with Proeve as a governor. However, what makes the case more complex is that the man is not supported by the other actors from whom there should be support. Berenstein is also not convinced that Proeve is on the Supervisory Board of Kirpalani NV, while Vijay Kirpalani is government commissioner at the Central Bank.

Robby Berenstein. Photo: Suriname Herald

The problem of the presentation goes further than Proeve alone. According to the trade unionist, the influence of politics on the CBvS from the Ministry of Finance is too great, which makes the functioning of the people placed there more difficult. With the appointment of Proeve the problems will not be solved until the political influence has diminished, says Berenstein. “The problem is not the people who are placed there, but Minister Hoefdraad who has too much involvement with the bank,” said the trade unionist. “Whoever places you there, as long as Horaad is there as a minister, it will never go as it should at the bank,” says Berenstein.

Berenstein maintains that it will be difficult for Proeve if he does not have the support of his working poor in the financial sector. The trade unionist therefore finds it unwise that Proeve has been nominated for the position. Boutere told the NII on Sunday that Proeve was nominated because there were no others who would accept the job. Berenstein says that people do not want that job because there is too much political interference at the bank.

In 2017, Proeve was dismissed from his position as director of De Surinaamsche Bank due to financial malpractice and mismanagement.


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