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You spend a relatively large amount of money on a full tank of gas in Limburg. Only in Flevoland, Zeeland and Utrecht are tankings even more expensive.
This appears from research by price comparator Alstu.nl.
Expensive refueling
The price comparator has mapped the gas prices of 480 gas stations in the Netherlands. Our province is in fourth place with an average gas price of 1,597 euros. For a full tank (55 liters) you will lose 87.84 euros. The most expensive provinces are Flevoland (1,622), Zeeland (1,602) and Utrecht (1,60). In North Brabant, Drenthe and Gelderland, with an average fuel price of 1,583, you are the cheapest.
It is therefore no surprise that many Limburgers are going to refuel on the other side of the border. In Belgium, gasoline is on average 25 cents cheaper. That amounts to 14 euros per full tank. In Germany, gasoline is even on average 35.5 cents cheaper. That quickly saves around 20 euros per tank.
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Cheapest in Limburg
If you still want to fill your car on this side of the border, you have to be at the Makro in Nuth. You lose 85.97 for a full tank. This makes it the cheapest gas station in Limburg.

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