Fuglsang, Lutsenko and Astana associated with doping doctor Ferrari


Fuglsang, Lutsenko and Astana associated with doping doctor Ferrari

Sunday, February 2, 2020 at 8:56 PM

Jakob Fuglsang and Alexey Lutsenko are associated with the suspended doping doctor Michele Ferrari. Report that Danish and Norwegian media based on a secret report from anti-doping organization CADF. The report states that, despite his lifelong suspension, Ferrari still has active contact with riders.

The report states: “Information from CADF indicates that Astana rider Jakob Fuglsang is part of Michele Ferrari’s doping program. Teammate Alexey Lutsenko was also present at at least one meeting between the two in Nice or Monaco. ”

Visit during Tour of Catalonia 2019
Due to his lifelong suspension, Ferrari’s assistance is prohibited, on pain of a suspension of at least two years. According to the CADF (which performs all doping tests on behalf of the UCI, but is replaced by ITA in 2021), information is available stating that the Italian sports doctor is involved in providing doping to Astana riders. He is said to have visited several times, including during the Tour of Catalonia 2019. The base of Ferrari would be the Swiss Lugano.

Insiders confirm meeting Fuglsang and Ferrari
Politiken, DR and VG have spoken – apart from the CADF investigation – twelve insiders who confirm that Fuglsang was seen with Ferrari during a training. The testimony is said to have come from a specific “top cyclist,” who is still refusing to go outside.

It is also known that Alexander Vinokourov, the current team manager of Astana, was a Ferrari customer in the past. That would strengthen the link between his riders and Ferrari. In 2014, many Astana drivers in the Padova report were linked to the sports doctor. In the end, nothing happened to that report, but according to the CADF report, it would be ten Astana riders.

Astana does not want to respond
Astana, Fuglsang and Lutsenko are confronted with the report. The Kazakh team and leaders want to “not respond to a report based on clues and rumors.” Dr. Ferrari also did not respond, as did his son and business partner Stefano Ferrari.


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