FrieslandCampina lowers the guaranteed price by 25 cents


FrieslandCampina lowers its guaranteed price for March by 25 cents to € 36.25 per 100 kilos.

The decrease is, according to the dairy company, a result of an expected reduction in the farm milk prices of the reference companies due to a negative sentiment on the world market due to the corona virus.

Last month, the guaranteed price was increased by 75 cents to € 36.50 per 100 kilos as a result of an expected increase in raw milk prices of the reference companies due to continued demand.

Biological guaranteed price also lower

The organic guaranteed price for March is also reduced by 25 cents. This therefore amounts to € 48.25 per 100 kilos of milk. The expectation is that organic farm milk prices paid by the reference companies will decrease somewhat.

The guaranteed prices apply to 100 kilos of milk with standard protein contents (3.57%), fat (4.42%) and lactose (4.53%), excluding VAT. The amounts apply for standard deliveries of 850,000 kilograms of milk and for organic deliveries of 550,000 kilograms on an annual basis.

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