Friendship was the first; Fake news made us fall in love with: Juhi; Video | Social Media | Life


What’s the date of the wedding, the wedding? This is done for the sake of someone else’s life and their reputation. Truth be told, we were just friends when the first pictures came together. The social media got us married. But then we decided that it was so. This is the kind of fake news that is behind this decision.


There were rumors that Juhi and Rovin George were married. They were spread on the social media till their wedding and wedding date. But when they were guests on Valentine’s Day’s special episode of Three, they rejected the campaign. The rumors spread that we were in love while we were friends. This was one of the reasons for the romance to begin. “It would take at least a year to get married and there are many things to do, including study,” Juhi said.

Click here to watch the Valentine’s Day Special episode of Nothing and Nothing.

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