“Friendship Islands” … Abe intends to deepen friendly relations with Russia and conclude a peace treaty



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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe intends to solve the “northern regions” problem, conclude a peace treaty with Russia and convert the disputed territories with Russia (the South Kuril Islands) into “friendship islands”.

Tokyo – Sputnik. “(I intend) to push the joint work to find a solution acceptable to both sides, and step by step to move the negotiations forward,” Abe said at the “Conference on the Restoration of the Northern Territories”, namely the Conashers, Chicotan Iturub and Habumai Islands.

“I will move steadfastly towards the goal to solve the regional problem and conclude a peace treaty,” he added.

“It is important, first and foremost, to strengthen the relations of trust and friendship between the Japanese and Russian peoples, so that the four islands become friendship islands,” he concluded.

The Russian-Japanese relations are progressing significantly, despite the issue of the troubled islands, as Tokyo claims ownership of the four southern Kuril islands, namely the Iturup, Konashir, Shikotan and Habumai Islands.

Moscow stresses the stability of its principled position, which stresses that the settlement of the peace treaty problem with Japan must take place “in light of the development of a qualitative new atmosphere in Russian-Japanese relations” and be supported by the peoples of the two countries and based on “Tokyo’s unconditional recognition of the outcome of World War II all.” , Including the subordination of the South Kuril Islands to Russian sovereignty.


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