Friend tortured; Mathrubhumi – Court grants Rs 7 crore compensation


Dublin: A friend has been fined Rs 7 crore for allegedly raping a woman. The court has directed the girl to pay compensation. The incident happened in Ireland. The court first sentenced the accused to seven years and then reduced it to 15 months.

A man from Norway has been accused of molesting a young woman from Dublin. The court observed that the victim was mentally retarded and is now experiencing mental retardation.

The woman had told the court that she was worried that she was not safe anywhere. The woman told the court she had attempted suicide. The psychologist also told the court about the girl’s mental state. Taking this into account, the court had ordered the girl to pay Rs 7 crore. The victim was allegedly molested while she was in close proximity to the victim. The accused had admitted in court that he had molested and sexually assaulted her.


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