France delivers to Spain a former head of the terrorist band ETA


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BARCELONA (Sputnik) – The French authorities handed over to Spain the former head of the terrorist band ETA David Pla, who was arrested on February 13 in the border town of Hendaye.

The former political head of the terrorist organization was handed over to Spanish Police agents on February 18 after remaining in a prison in Baiona during the last days, according to the Basque newspaper Gara.

The exetarra was extradited in the morning and transferred to the prison of Soto del Real in Madrid, where he will remain until his scheduled appearance before the Spanish National Court.

David Pla is a known former member of ETA to which the Spanish Police attributed the leadership of the structures of this band, founded in the late 50s and dissolved since May 2018.
Pla was arrested in Hendaye, where he resided on probation since April 2019, for the fulfillment of a euro order sent by the Spanish National Court.
The Spanish court claimed the delivery of the Etarra in 2011 based on an alleged clandestine appointment with other leaders of the band in which Pla would have participated in 2008.

For these facts he was arrested by the French Police and released without charge for lack of evidence in 2010, although in 2015 he was arrested again and served a sentence until he left probation in 2019.

The team of lawyers of Pla defends that it could not participate in the clandestine encounter, that took place in the south of France, because at that time it was in Paris.

David Pla was one of the people in charge of negotiating with the Spanish Government the cessation of the violent action of ETA in 2011, but remained during the years following the leadership of the political apparatus of the band.


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