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Four Indians on board luxury yacht found in Yokohama, Japan With this, 12 of the ship’s infected Indians became Indians. The ship has 3,711 people, including 138 Indians.

The death toll from the death of one of the ship’s crews has risen to four. The Japanese woman who returned home has died. The 23 passengers who were released from the ship after they were found to be infected were terrified of being diagnosed later. The Health Minister apologized for releasing the men without further examination.

Meanwhile, 97 people, including a woman doctor in Wuhan, died in China. The total death toll was 2,442. 76,936 confirmed cases. Ten of the health workers who died from the disease. World Athletics Indoor Championships to be held on March 13 in Nanjing

South Korea has been declared a Red Alert in the wake of the deaths of 2 more people and the number of cases tripling in one week. With 123 new cases being reported yesterday, 602 cases have been confirmed in the country. Total death 5.

Iran also imposed stricter restrictions. With 5 more deaths, the total death toll was 8. It ordered the closure of schools, universities and cultural centers in 14 provinces

With 2 more deaths reported in Italy, Kovid became the first European country to confirm death. More than 100 people have been diagnosed with the disease. Authorities have ordered more than half a million people in 11 cities near Milan to stay home.

Covid affected 80,000 people

കോ Covid 19 has infected more than 80,000 people worldwide. More deaths in China itself The new figures are:

^ China: Infected – 76,936 deaths – 2,442

69 Hong Kong: 69, deaths-2

^ Japan: Ship 634

769. Death-3

∙ South Korea: 602,

Death – 5

∙ US: 35; A US

Citizen died in China

^ Iran, 28, deaths-8

∙ Taiwan: 26, death – 1

∙ France: 12, death – 1

: Philippines: 3, Death – 1

127 under surveillance in Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram: There were 127 cases reported in Kerala due to IVDA-19. Of these, 122 are in homes and 5 are in hospitals.

Of the 444 samples sent for inspection, the results of 436 were negative. The rest of the result will be available soon.

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