Former CEO Vestia also suspected of shoplifting


Erik Staal, the former chief executive of the Rotterdam housing corporation Vestia is suspected of shoplifting in addition to embezzlement. Steel must appear in court next week.

A criminal investigation against the former director has been going on for a long time. He is said to have put money in his pocket for a Vestia project in South Africa. In total it concerns 1.2 million euros. He is charged with embezzlement and forgery of documents.

There is another special offense on the summons: shoplifting. Erik Staal (69) is said to have stolen things in November 2017 at a hardware store in Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel. These are gloves, grinding wheels, sockets and LED lamps.

Major fraud case

The former chief executive was detained for a month in 2017 for the major fraud case in South Africa. He was subject to conditions released and a few months later the shoplifting took place.

The business in South Africa revolves around a luxury villa in Johannesburg that was owned by a social housing foundation, but which Steel would have put in its own name. Last year it was announced that he had 2.4 million euros reimbursed to the foundation. The Ministry of Justice therefore waives a financial claim, the so-called confiscation claim.

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