Foreign nationals aged 70 cannot work in Kuwait anymore


Kuwait City: Workers’ 70-year-old foreigners in Kuwait will not renew their work permit The local Arab daily reported that the Man Power Authority had informed the concerned authorities that the directive had been issued and that the law had been implemented. This amendment affects all categories of foreigners, including experts and non-specialists. At the same time, the immigration wing of the Ministry of Interior will grant permission for foreigners in this category to transfer their residence visas to the family visa.

Kuwait has one million and twenty thousand illegal immigrants and the search for them has been tightened, the Interior Ministry said. There will be no amnesty this year, the ministry said. This is in line with the finding that there is an increasing tendency for residents to violate the expectation of amnesty. The lawmakers said that if they were caught, they would be deported for a period of five years, including in other Gulf countries. Officials said a special security committee had been formed to arrest the undercover residents who were absconding from the sponsor.

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