For the first time a course on metal music will be taught at the University of Peru


LIMA (Sputnik) – The Pontifical Catholic University of Peru will teach for the first time in this country a course dedicated to metal music, its head, Professor José Ignacio López, told Sputnik.

“When I returned to Peru from the United States I sought to teach courses on metal history; I did not succeed, but I began to teach courses on rock history, although I always had in mind that I wanted to give a metal course … now I managed to get it for the first time a course on this cultural phenomenon is given at a university, “said Lopez, who has a master’s degree in music from the University of California, San Diego.

The course that will begin in March is called History of Metal, Extreme Music and Counterculture.
The chair will seek to “fill a void” about a cultural phenomenon that has not been properly served by the academy, according to López.
“There are a lot of popular music themes in Peru, musical scenes that have been neglected because the academy has not considered them to be valuable or because there were no people who had studied them in order to teach them; I think we are covering a void,” said.

The course will seek to give a total look to a global phenomenon, reviewing key moments and scenes of the future of the genre such as the appearance of heavy metal in the 70s or the emergence of the black metal scene in Norway in the early 90s.

It will also seek to stop in the development of metal culture in Peru, in an attempt to “understand the nature of certain social identities in the country linked to certain musical styles,” says the course’s promotional announcement.


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