Foods to Eat to Fill Up on Vitamin D


At the end of winter, the vitamin D stores in the body are depleted, but they can be replenished without taking tablets and without going to a sunny beach.

The diet should be varied to avoid vitamin D deficiency, says Russian dietitian Nuria Dianova in an interview with Moskva 24.

According to her, the largest number of foods rich in vitamin D are of animal origin, especially fish. In particular, she recommends eating tuna, sardines, salmon and herring.

“Fish has four important elements: calcium, phosphorus, protein and vitamin D. It is the minimum necessary,” says the dietician.

The nutritionist also advises eating beef liver, as well as eggs.

“Vitamin D is found in smaller quantities in mushrooms, for example in country agarics,” warns Nuria Dianova.

Signs of lack of vitamin D

She also explains that it is difficult to identify a vitamin D deficiency on your own. However, the nutritionist advises to pay attention to increased fatigue and depression.

The dietician recommends checking the level of this vitamin for people with diabetes, overweight or having menstrual problems. Finally, Nuria Dianova insists that you should not take medication to replenish your vitamin D reserves without the recommendation of specialists.


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