Fixing the inalienability of Russian territories: “Secessionist movements can be encouraged from abroad”


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Sputnik France

MEP Thierry Mariani gave his assessment of the initiative that appeared in Russia to lay down in the fundamental law the ban on ceding territories.

“Each country has the vocation to keep its integrity”, it is in such terms that MEP Thierry Mariani commented on the initiative aimed at fixing in the constitution the inalienability of Russian territories supported by President Putin.

“It makes sense to me if we want to preserve territorial integrity and avoid secessionist movements. Each country aims to keep its integrity. We see what has happened in some countries. In my opinion, this is a wise decision because we know very well that secessionist movements can be encouraged from abroad, “declared to Sputnik the French politician who had visited Crimea several times after his reunification with Russia.

Initiative supported by Putin

Meeting with the task force responsible for amendments to the constitution of the Russian Federation, President Putin made no secret of the fact that he liked the idea put forward by one of its members, actor Vladimir Machkov. The latter proposed to fix in the constitution the ban on the separation of Russian territories, explaining that this concerned in particular the Kurils, the Crimea or even the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad.

“It is impossible to give in and even to negotiate in this direction,” said Mashkov.

The Russian President then said that he would instruct lawyers to examine the matter and formulate the initiative correctly.


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