First S-350 Vityaz batteries started to serve in Russian Air-Space Forces


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The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the first batteries of the newly developed Russian missile defense system S-350 Vityaz were included in the inventory of the Russian Aerospace Force.

The ministry first S-350 Vityaz He stated that his batteries were transported to the missile defense units training center in the city of Gatchina, in the Leningrad Region and that enemy detection and destruction was carried out in the center.

“The batteries exhibited their skills and destroyed the so-called enemy with electronic beats,” the ministry said.

The Russian Air-Space Forces stated that with the commissioning of the S-350 system, efficiency will be increased 2-2.5 times in the fight against crisis missiles.

S-350 Vityaz was exhibited for the first time at the Army-2019 Military Fair held in Moscow on June 25-30, and the first delivery was made to the Russian army in December.

Provides effective protection against air strikes

S-350 Vityaz was developed with the aim of providing an effective protection against air strikes on civilian targets, industrial facilities and important military points on land.

Equipped with a vertical launcher produced by the company Almaz-Antey and a versatile radar with extremely powerful functions, the S-350 is easily distinguished from many of its counterparts with a horizontal launcher, including the US Patriot system.


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