First Ferrari engine kills after four Grand Prix distances


Ferrari encountered problems in the first session of the third test day. Sebastian Vettel fell silent on the track and the Scuderia’s SF1000 had to be towed back to the pit box. It has just been confirmed that it is indeed a motor problem.

“We stopped because of a motor problem. We will analyze the exact cause in Maranello. We are now installing a new engine and are back on the track in the afternoon, “says Ferrari Autobild.

The engine problems come very quickly for the Italian racing stable. To increase the downforce for the coming season, the SF1000 is a lot more compact than last year’s car. This brings with it possible cooling problems, so that the engine can give up the ghost, for example.

Motor Ferrari is killed after 4 Grand Prix distances

The Ferrari engine died after only 294 laps, which is about the distance of four full Grand Prix’s or 1370 kilometers. That is not nearly enough to get through a season without grid penalties. Due to an extra race on the calendar this becomes even harder to achieve.

A Formula 1 engine has to survive about seven GPs with the upcoming calendar to prevent the season without grid penalties for engine changes. This does not even include the kilometers that are made in the training and qualifying sessions.

Ferrari must win half a second on Mercedes

According to calculations by Autobild, Ferrari has to make up for another half a second on Mercedes. However, there are still a few test days to go and the times certainly do not mean everything. The Italian racing team will, however, have to make a bid for the world title this year. (Photo: Ferrari F1 Media)

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