First Belgians repatriated from Wuhan, Chinese city where coronavirus broke out: plane lands on Melsbroek tonight


Upon arrival, they will be placed in quarantine at the military hospital in Neder-Over-Heembeek. According to Professor Herman Goossens of the University of Antwerp, that is a good measure, he said in “Het Journaal” this afternoon.

“We don’t know everything yet, but the impression we have is that the virus is spreading mainly from person to person and then it is important to isolate the epidemic by isolating people. And hopefully the virus can finally come to an end this way. to disappear.”

No contamination has yet been established in our country. Whether there are people who are infected with the virus among the twelve Belgians who are landing tonight is not yet clear. In Germany, two cases are known of repatriated residents who were found to be infected on arrival.

Watch the conversation here in “Het Journaal” with professor Herman Goossens from the University of Antwerp, European coordinator of corona virus research:


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